Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The music and tv ads is online

This is a temporary solution. This page will be updated with lots of information, such as biography, discography, photos, lyrics and other related material. And of course also the free music collection. Other things that have been requested and that may be included are album art for our different album releases, downloadable live recordings, DJ mixes, remix kits, samples, acapella vocals and even old gig reports like we had on the Lagoona website back in the days. I have lots of material like that, and I will go through it all and add whatever I think is worth adding. But my entire website will need a structural update before I can add any material at all, so it will take a while to get it online.

Listen to Andreas Viklund at PureVolume.com

Lagoona was an electronic music project that I founded together with Bj√∂rn "Virtuos" Karlsson in September 1996. It was my main music project between 1996-2003, and though the band was put to rest several years ago, the music is still alive and finding new listeners every day thanks to the internet. The Lagoona adventures gave me lots of amazing experiences and memories, and it changed my life in many positive ways. This page is where I share both the music and the story with anyone who wants to listen…

However, the official Lagoona music collection is currently offline while I re-arrange the songs and my music pages in a better way. In the meantime, you can download some of the most popular songs from my artist page on purevolume. No registration is needed, just click the "Download" link for the song you want. You can also preview the songs before you download them, using the built-in music player on the page.

As I prepared for watching one of my favorite humor shows on Swedish TV4 earlier tonight, I got an interesting surprise. In the local ads before the show, I heard a melody that felt incredibly familiar. It was my own track "Sweet things", which was used to promote a company that I never saw the name of. While it is always fun to hear my music on TV, I can't remember that I have given any permission for commercial use of that song. Not that I mind, but I really want to know if the music is used like this, and I had no idea about it. It makes me a bit worried, as I have had my music stolen several times before. I need to check it out tomorrow.

Once the music archive comes online (I'm working on it right now!), all songs will be available for free for non-commercial use – and available for licencing for commercial use.

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