Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Suited For portofolios And business sites

A magic number was reached today: 100.000 template downloads from the three primary download locations (OSWD, and my own template page) since andreas01 was released in the end of July 2005. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported me during my first six months on the open source design scene, it has been a lot of fun and incredibly inspiring! And also a big apology to everyone of you who are still waiting for a reply to e-mails you have sent me during the past weeks. I've left much of the work behind during the holidays, but I will catch up with the mail in a few days.

One of the things I have planned for a long time that will be launched at the same time as the new design (tomorrow, always this tomorrow…) will be theme variations. Pre-created customized versions of the themes, based on common requests from users and other designers. For example, a lot of people have asked me for Swedish versions of my themes, so translations are ready to be released. And others have asked for wider versions of the WP-Andreas00 and WP-Andreas01 themes for WordPress, and I will provide that as well.

Each theme will get its own page, where all these custom versions (and other modifications) will be listed with direct download links. Want a light version of Daleri Dark? Or a 3-column version of 1024px? If the demand is big, I will create it and add it to the list.

What kind of variations would you like to see to the themes in the future? Let me know, your opinion matters! This will apply to the website templates as well so feel free to write in comments for those as well. But please keep in mind that the templates will take much longer time for me to create all those variations since I will have more than 20 templates to work with when the new ones are released…

To see one really beautiful example of what a modified theme can look like, you can visit the newly launched website of the Ã�jtte Museum here in Jokkmokk. The site is based on a wider version of WP-Andreas00 with a number of small changes – and translated to Swedish. It is probably the prettiest site I have seen using that design, the enlarged header and the large amounts of beutiful photos add a lot of value to the design…

By the way, does anyone have a good name suggestion for the next series of templates?

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