Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Easy entry level web designer jobs


One of the things that is missing from this site is a real logotype. I am not a very good logo designer since I have never created vector images, so I need help! I am now searching for a logotype designer who could help me out with creating a nice logo for the site (but also for printed media, merchandise and music albums).

Since andreas09 will soon be released and I have promised that it will be the last template that I release under the "andreasXX" series, it is now time to think about what to do next. I know for sure that I will build commercial templates for 4Templates.com, but that will not stop me from releasing more open source templates. I have got a number of suggestions for different things to do, and one suggesion was very appealing: "Do a number of trendy templates, based on the andreasXX layouts but with new images and a main focus on the actual visual appearance". I like that idea. Do you? Or can you give me a better suggestion? All ideas are welcome!

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