Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music for musician inspiration

It was a great weekend in a lot of ways, and in order to show you a little bit of what it looked like I have prepared an image with a few of the photos that I brought back home. I have placed numbers by each image, and the image captions can be found below the image.

Images from Porjus, July 2007

1. Festplatsen, Porjus (the stage area).
The weather was bad, but the event still gathered hundreds of people over the two days.

2. Johanna and me.
Check out the newest family member, little Theo, in Johanna's jacket! Theo is the third papillon around, and he lives with my father in Porjus. Most of the time. Every now and then he'll visit us in Jokkmokk where he can go wild with our two girls Elven and River (Theo is River's brother, by the way).

3. Markus Fagervall live on stage.
Swedish Idol 2006 winner (and former WP-Andreas01 theme user) Markus was the artist of the day. I had not seen him live since Snabelfestivalen 2004, back in the days when he was still an unknown local rocker. I liked the music of his old band Liquid Scarlet back then, but the more radio-friendly style he plays today sounded great as well. And extremely professional of course. I didn't get any chance to talk to the star himself, I was busy with something else after the gig…

4. Daniel Viklund lifting the 170 kilogram atlas stone!
…which was the final part of the Laponia Strongman competition, where my older cousin Daniel Viklund managed to beat the competition (including Finlands strongest man!) to win the Laponia Strongman 2007 title! Daniels brother Emil can also be seen on the image. Daniel will compete in the Swedish championship (Sveriges Starkaste Man) in Arvidsjaur soon, aiming at a top-3 placement after finishing 4th last year.

5. Dad and Ida.
My father Kjell was of course proud of Daniels achievement, since dad has been lifting weights for more than 30 years and acted as a big source of inspiration for Daniel when he started working out many years ago. Younger cousin Ida was also around, and she drove us back to Jokkmokk on sunday afternoon when the event was over. Thanks for the ride!

6. Jingle Bass, Jingle Bass…
And finally, an image that I'm posting just for the fun of it. I spent most of Saturday night watching Live Earth on TV, but I also made a quick visit to a nearby party where I met some old friends and colleagues. But the interesting thing with this image is the lovely t-shirt that I have ordered from Perrra.se. I won't spell out the artist name that is written on it, but you can see it and listen to the music on Perrra's site! Perrra is one of my true idols, and the shirt have truly caught the attention of a lot of people this weekend. Thanks for the fun, Perrra, and keep the great work up!

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