Sunday, November 15, 2009

Professional web designers

I'm working on my very own links page, but until it is done, here are two great sites to check out:

Matt Deasy and Peter MacDonald have launched a new link site, a basic directory for web designers and topics related to web design. The site is called Bulletproof Links and it has got a good start with lots of useful links already. Visitors can add links by filling in a simple form. Simple, but very useful.

Andrew "dez" Fernandez has a great categorized web design link archive, which I have found useful many times. In fact, I like the site so much that I wrote to dez and asked him to add a link to my templates page – which he has agreed to do. That made me like the page even more! This is a must-have bookmark for anyone interested in web design. If you have comments about an this post please share with us, who is the best professional design now

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