Sunday, July 12, 2009

Music on the web downloads

Just a note today, as a reaction to the fact that Swedish police is once again arresting people for "filesharing": It is in no way illegal to download music or distribute it through filesharing networks. People seem to believe so since media often mix up filesharing with music piracy. What is illegal is to spread copies of music (or other original works) without the permission from the owner or original author. But as most people realize today, there is much more free (or cheap) non-commercial music available on the net than there is commercial music in your closest record store. And if the original author allows you to download and share the music, it is not just legal – it is a great way of helping the artist to get the music heard by more people.

I don't think that this post will stop people from sending angry e-mails about "copyright infringements" to me, but I still want to make it perfectly clear: I am the author of most of these songs (and the co-author of the rest of them) and from now on I will ignore e-mails that tell me that I have been reported to the police because I have downloadable music on my site. Don't let the commercial music industry fool you. Please give yourself a chance to discover the wonderful world of non-commercial music on the web. Chances are big that you'll find many great artists, and many hours of great music – for free!

This music can be downloaded, shared, re-distributed and used in various projects without any other obligation than giving credits to the original author. The only thing you can't do is sell it, and that is simply because the music should stay free. I can't say that the music is very professional or even good, since most of it is old music made just for the fun of it, But the lagoona have been downloaded in more than 8 million copies over the years so atleast some songs could be worth listening to. Read more about Lagoona on Wikipedia if you want to learn more.

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