Monday, August 10, 2009

Free joomla and wp templates provider

I would like to return a link to this new site, a simple but really useful link resource if you are looking for free website templates. I found the site in the referrer list in my site statistics, and it was a nice surprise. I really like the way that the logotypes are used, and the fact that there are no ads on the site. Unfortunately, the layout breaks in IE7, but that will probably be fixed soon…

Rick Blalock of Beauty in Design will be porting a number of my designs into Joomla templates. The first port has already been released: andreas07 for Joomla. The demo looks really good, so it will be really interesting to see more Joomla versions.

I hope that will be added to the list as well, that would make the site even better. Go check it out!

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