Friday, January 15, 2010

Giant Ocean Earth Found In Stomach


Which appeared on the left side of the picture above is a picture of the image seen to the right, revealing abnormalities attenuation (weakening) mesofer shock waves in the depths of 620 miles under the ground.

In between the two images, the red color layer to explain the extraordinary rock is weak and loose, and considered the interior contains water, while the blue color to explain unusual rock hard (white and yellow colors are located in the middle).

For the first time humans discovered a giant water systems in the inner Mesosphere. According to the life science com, that when memayar in the inner depths of the earth, scientists discover a giant reservoir beneath eastern Asia, the volume of water in it equal to the amount of water in the Antarctic sea or the Arctic ocean. This is the first time humans discovered a giant water system in the inner mesofer.

These findings are the result of joint research geologist at the University of Washington, namely Michael Wysession by Jesse Lawrence, a student from the University of California, and these findings will be published in the monograph published by the American geophysical institute.

They both have mengalisis with graphics almost as much a shock wave of 600,000 (record shock waves that arise when an earthquake across the earth, collected from the equipment scattered in various regions of the world).

They found, that the wave of earthquakes beneath the Asian mainland showed a weak phenomenon, but it also slightly slowed its speed, Wysession said: "The water can slow the speed of earthquake waves, a large number of signs of slowing and weakening it can predict where there is water. "

According to previous calculations, when the layer of rock that sank into the cold mesofer deep underground thousands of km, the high temperature deep underground will be out of water vapor in the rock layers.

Wysession tells us: "That's what we show here, the water in the rock layer with a layer of rock deep seabed and the water was very cold, but along with the growing level of depth, the temperature will begin to rise, and the rock began to unstable, and loses water contained in it. "then the water began to rise and go into the pile, and there be a water saturated area, but there was still like a glimpse of the rock solid, and only by putting them in your new lab can find water in it. "

Although they briefly looked like a solid rock, as much as 15% in some ocean floor rocks is water. Wysession tells us: "Concretely, the water is in the mineral structure of rock. When you heat it, it will remove the water, just like you burn a piece of clay, can remove all the water in it. "

Researchers predict that in areas of the earth's surface is covered with water, just 0.1% of rock layers deep into the mesofer could produce an equal volume of water with a sea of the North Pole.
Wysession called underground structure of this new as the "Beijing abnormal", because he found under the City of Beijing, China, the value of the largest earthquake waves recession. Wysession first used this term in an explanation at the University of Beijing.

According to Wysession: "They feel very attractive, China earthquake threat far greater than other regions in the world, so they are very interested in seismology."

As many as 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water, water, water has many advantages, one of which is playing the role of "lubricant" for the land plate movement.

Let us see Venus, which according to Wysession, the interior is very hot and extremely dry, he does not have plate structures, all of the water may have on-evaporation (yawn), no plates, and the entire system is closed.

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