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Spiritual Dish - Diwan Diwan-HAFIZ

Diwan Diwan-HAFIZ

Abdul Hadi W. M.


Joseph is missing from the earth of Canaan
Will return: do not grieve!
Do not grieve! In sad
Roses will bloom from the bottom of this floor
And in the face of the punishment secret
Hearts would bow front
O aching heart, joy will come
O brain Damailah you ragged
Because of love, but do not grieve!

Once again the Spring of Life
Give flowers on a green meadow, do not grieve!
And the night wandering head
Spending rose, petal by petal!
Secret world would you find
But behind the curtain of fire of love burning
Why should mourn?
Expectations will return, do not grieve!

Today's run away, run away tomorrow
Before you give me the spinning wheel and fulfilling my heart
Heaven itself will change
Do not curse fate
Hajj delegation arrived in town nearly Mecca
Cactus thorns hurt to grate
Desert bloom again, do not grieve!

From the river of life which is perishable, hear
The thunder of what surrounded the house until the tilt?
But do not grieve! Noah will be nakhodamu
And will save your ship to shore
The purpose is still far away, the road fraught with peril
But every path to the same place
Where are you going to lower the load, do not grieve!

My enemies have keep me and punished me
My love turned around and left the door
God carefully calculate our tears
And know that we also suffer:
Ah, do not grieve! God has heard
If the pain comes and the night you go under
Hafiz, take the Koran and read
Maha timeless songs, do not grieve!

Broke red roses, the nightingale drunk
Sufis, wine lovers! Let's welcome this announcement
For the thirsty earth, the wine has come
Regret the old O stony
See this miracle! Moment
You destroyed by melting glass of wine

No matter the king or the palace porter
Come on, bring the wine here, hidangi them all!
The drunk and the wise, serve them well
If the party is already over crowded and late-night added
Wine shop two doors wide open Similarly
Low, high, had to bow their heads
Near the door of life, for without it no nothing

Except through the perilous road
No one came to stop effervescent
The Lord said: Did I not your Lord?
With doubt you say: Oh, yes!
Do between Yes and No are you pacing
With the new Yeah you're safe
And if not you will perish

Sublime Asaf, horse racing space flight
And this bird language, everything will vanish in the wind
That he masters those who have died
When he left he had none left on Earth
Do not fly off the road with feathered wings
Too fast shooting arrows from his bow
Arrows into the gutter will fall
But you Hafiz, Tongue
Saying through the mouth of the flute
What reward you if ghazalmu supply
From lip to lip, what will be singing the song?

The wind from the east, o Bird Day
I sent you on boyfriend, though far
The road to Saba, please do not complain
Never in the dust wing liarmu terhantar
Do not be crushed by sorrow, I sent you to a nest of Allegiance.
Far or near no places to stop
Love in the street - I saw your face, do not look
Mendesirkan blessing and song of wind in your ears.
North and east winds menghembuskannya
Every morning a caravan of grace and I sent congratulations to you.

You stranger to my eyes
But you're a friend who is always present in my heart
Everything that came out in prayer and praise I sent you
Do not be sad caravan that came to conquer your heart
I sent my life to bring back peace to you
As a ransom. From penyanyimu I learned
How can people who miss you cried and raged his heart:
Rhyme and words that crushed, songs and musical tone I sent you.

Give me the cup! Noisy voice sounded in my ears
"Be patient friends take years to torture
To send the blessing of heaven sakitmu
God the Creator is reflected in your face
Your eyes will see, the shadow of his was in the cup
I sent it to you.

Hafiz! No one heard a compliment
Come here, O you who mourn
A pair of honor dress, saddle horse I sent you.

Glory to God, how happy I was last night
Has met Lover
I bow down in front of his face beautiful
Kuhamburkan praise, indeed
Fascinating what I did last night
My life is dead branch grows again
Menunas twigs, because his encounter with

I'm glad, glad, to meet with him last night
Let the blood-soaked earth
Stay I say Ana al-haqq such as al-Hallaj
Because I met him last night
And in my hands tightly grasp
Laylat al-Qadr letters
Because the conscious met him last night

Padulah now my heart is longing for the road
Entrance curtain that separates me with his
Although the head should be divorced from the body, last night
And I say: Lord, You are the owner delicious
Zakat is impossible to accept that
Please give me now
Because I met with him last night

O anxiety, do not be afraid
You will be lost plane turbulence
And Hafiz, the former dissident
Has now repented for his girlfriend met --
God, last night.

Her hair was, his lips laughing
Drunk party sweat highway
He comes, sing of love, clapping his hands

Wrinkled face and the cloth was thrown
Last night he was staggered by my bed
Her lips were full of complaints

I saw sadness in his eyes fighting
When he whispered,
Are there any of our old love has been sleeping?

Before dawn, give him wine
It was a lover kafirlah
If not with the wine loving

In the green meadow I see the sky the new crescent moon
Remember my time to plant and harvest, said:
O Lucky, you're sleeping and the sun flower
Answer was: Do not fragile like the past.
If you leave without a stain and his own
Like Christ to Angkasa Raya
Keajaibanmu will touch the sun.
Do not believe in across the night
Because he had stolen the crown T-shirt and belt Kaykhusraw
While your ears were heavy with gold jingle
Beautiful season gone - to hear the advice!
Can the evil eye away from the mole charms
If the beauty of the chess board he moved a pawn
And get a gift from the moon and sun.
Can not sell the greatness of the sky is
If in love harvest time comes, given the month
Grain of corn and two grain for Suraya stars.
Hypocrisy fire carpenter tapa
Harvest will char religion.
Hafiz! Throw your cloak and go.

Abdul Hadi W. M.

Note: T-shirt and is Kaykhusraw Persian overlord
the mashur.

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